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Students and Practitioners Advocate for Occupational Therapy at Hill Day 2024

Feb 1, 2024 | Advocacy, Event, IOTA, Legislation

The morning of January 25th 2024 found the Capitol Rotunda filled with Occupational Therapy practitioners. OTs, COTAs, and students from ISU and CWI were in person and on-line to share our unique impact and contribution with members of the Idaho Legislature and support staff. Elevator speeches were shared, along with an invitation to test grip strength and reaction time. Thanks to our lobbyist, Caroline Merritt, the people in the Capitol were invited to stop by and learn more about our profession. Many came by and connected to our energetic OTPs.

There are many issues impacting our profession. Most recently, our rules have experienced a revision and have been proposed and passed in the House and Senate Health and Welfare Committees. These rules impact how we practice every day. We have many other issues ahead of us, including mental health coverage, reimbursement for our services and the Interstate Compact. Having a presence at the Capitol is an important step in bringing issues to light.

We are so proud of the efforts of all the practitioners and students that participated in Hill Day! Being an OT practitioner in Idaho offers a unique value every day in so many areas. We are serving the people of the state in rural areas and cities;  in small communities and health care facilities, and schools. We have the power to impact lives for the better, and now our state representatives are better educated on our value as well as the issues facing our profession.