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DPAMS Certification Requirement Rule REMOVED From Updated Idaho OT/OTA Licensure Rules

Apr 24, 2023 | Licensure

Through multiple layers of the advocacy efforts that occurred beginning last year, into this year’s past legislative session, the original DPAM certification rule in our Licensure Rule Chapter has been REMOVED! This means that OT practitioners are now allowed as per our Idaho OT Practice Act to use any DPAMS appropriately within their practice without needing to first obtain additional certification and hours of supervision.

This advocacy would not have been possible without an evidence-based proposal that was submitted by CWI OTA Program students in May of 2022 to our Licensure Board, led by CWI OTA Program Director Mel Henderson, which then sparked additional conversation and other OT practitioners to provide comment to the Licensure Board to act on removing the DPAMS certification rule. Through successful advocacy efforts and in collaboration with the Licensure Board, this rule change legislation moved through both the Health and Welfare Committee House and Senate earlier this year, now signed into law. We also wish to greatly thank the service of our lobbyist, Caroline Meritt, and our Advocacy/Legislative Chair Lisa Baxter Hong.

It should be noted that the IOTA from a liability perspective is NOT endorsing our practitioners to use DPAMS without the proper training and competency, just like any other therapeutic modality that is within our scope of practice. This puts the liability back on the practitioner and should be taken seriously. Any further scope of practice or licensure rule questions should be directed to the DOPL OT Licensure Board, not the IOTA, and you can contact them by phone or email on their website.

Our Rule Chapter is now updated as of 3-28-2023 however we are still in the midst of Zero Based Regulation and review and updating of the other licensure rules, and additional public comment on proposed changes can be made at the upcoming Town Halls either in person or virtually in May or June, and send out that virtual link information when we receive it. Please see the calendar for dates and times.

Thank you for your support and we here at the IOTA will continue to tirelessly provide advocacy for our practitioners.

Your Idaho Occupational Therapy Association

 Read the full proposal here