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2024 OT Month IOTA District Celebrations Recap

May 13, 2024 | Event, IOTA

2024 OT Month IOTA District Celebrations Recap
By Cameo Rasmussen, COTA/L
IOTA Outreach Chairperson

What an exciting OT Month we had this year with in-person events happening across the state. Trivia was played, prizes were won, and good times ensued! We conversed about our jobs, student life, fieldwork, the IOTA, CE opportunities, Compact, the OTP Spotlight, and the Annual Fall Conference held later this year in Burley.

Christi Shelley hosted the North District Event at the Sensory Squad on April 6th.

Rachael Dorton hosted the South Central Event on the 18th at Koto Brewery with the President Elect, Ivan Hardcastle, in attendance.

Student Representatives Bekah Giffin and Brittany Fuit from CWI along with IOTA Presidents past and present represented South West District on April 19th at Twigs Bistro.

East District’s Meredith Chandler and students Shantae Sparrow, Morgan Miller, Renee Phillips, Mallory Preston, and OTA Representative, Kaden Stimpson hosted the East District’s Event at the Sandtrap.

We love our OTPs and students and think about you endlessly and cannot wait to see you all again soon at the Annual Fall Conference. We appreciate you and hope you had a great OT Month!