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Supporting Voice-Hearers Research Survey

May 13, 2024 | Research Participation

Do you work with people who hear voices?

We invite you to be part of a research study to help us evaluate a set of online
resources to help mental health workers to support voice-hearers using an
evidence-based voice hearing approach. The resources were co-designed by
voice hearers and clinical experts. The research is being conducted by The
University of Sydney.

You are eligible if you are a mental health worker (e.g., clinician, support worker
peer worker, psychiatrist) who works with voice-hearers.

Participating in the study involves less than 3 hours of your time spread over an
8 week period. It includes you going through the online resources (2 hours)
and doing three questionnaires (5-20 minutes each). You will be randomized to
receive the resources immediately (after doing the first questionnaire) or in 4
weeks’ time (after the doing the second questionnaire).

You will be able to continue to access the resources free of charge after you
complete the study.