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Revised OT/OTA Licensure Rule Chapter Passes House and Senate

Feb 1, 2024 | Advocacy, IOTA, Legislation, Licensure


This past week, the next step in the process of Zero Based Regulation and the pending revised Idaho OT/OTA Rules for Licensure took place, as the rule chapter rewrites went before both the House and Senate Health and Welfare Committees respectively. On Tuesday, January 23rd, the House Health and Welfare Committee unanimously voted on passing the revised rule chapter, as presented by former DOPL OT Licensure Board Executive Officer and now DOPL Bureau Chief of Administration, Katie Stuart. IOTA Legislative, Advocacy and Reimbursement Chairperson Lisa Hong testified in favor of the revised rule chapter. On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 24th, Katie Stuart also presented the revised rule chapter to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, with IOTA President Megan Doyle testifying in favor and the Senate Committee also unanimously passing the revisions. 

During the majority of 2023, the Idaho OT Association and Katie Stuart as representative of the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses met on a routine basis to review the prior rule chapter and make recommendations for updates that would support best practice and least restrictive licensure rules for OT practitioners in Idaho, including a focus on the definition of supervision of COTAs and continuing education requirements. Public comment periods were provided throughout the spring and summer of 2023, and in August the OT Licensure Board moved the proposed revised rule chapter to pending, which was the final draft voted through legislation, anticipated to be signed into law this 2024 session.