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Shades of Occupational Therapy Practice:
a Practitioner Panel

Megan Doyle


Catherine Canavan


Andrea Belcoe


Lisa Wehofer-Smallwood


Course Length: 1.5 contact hour (.15 AOTA CEU)
PRIMARY Presentation Category: General and Professional Issues
Intended Audience: Introductory / Students
Short Abstract:

OT is a profession that creates many opportunities. A panel of practitioners will speak to various focus areas, such as a new chronic pain program, groups in long-term care, international practice, and the journey from clinician to academic, with time for an interactive question and answer period.

Full Abstract:

Occupational therapy is a profession that affords a variety of opportunities for OT practitioners, including specialization in practice areas, creation of new programs, working internationally, and educating the next generation as an academic with a post-professional degree. While many publications may detail these opportunities, simply reading about them may be unrelatable to the average practitioner seeking inspiration while on their career journey. This presentation therefore will include four practitioners sharing their real-world stories of professional experience and growth, and the evidence-base that supports the respective contributions they have made to the profession of occupational therapy. Each practitioner will highlight their area of knowledge, to include an OT led chronic pain program, international occupational therapy practice, long term care group intervention, and successful transition from clinician to academia as well as achieving a post-professional degree.  These individual presentations will be followed by an opportunity for the full panel of practitioners to have an interactive question and answer period to facilitate deeper discussion with attendees. No matter what your career goals are, come join us and leave motivated to explore your full potential as an occupational therapy practitioner. This presentation content falls both in the categories of Occupational Therapy Service Delivery and Professional Issues. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Learners will recognize at least four different areas of OT practice and academia and the evidence-base supporting them.
  2. Learners will discuss successful steps taken to achieve the respective professional areas detailed and how to apply them to their own professional growth.
Educational Value:

Participations will recognize advanced practice areas, opportunities to lead or expand occupational therapy services, international practice requirements, how they might successfully transition from full time clinician to OT program faculty member and achieve a post-professional degree. The evidence-base supporting these respective areas will also be discussed. This presentation therefore will advance OT practitioner participants in their career development and growth through real-world application of possibilities within the profession.

Company Affiliated With: Megan Doyle, St. Luke’s Health System, Evidence in Motion, Aspire OT; Catherine Canavan, Idaho State University faculty; Andrea Belcoe, Genesis; Lisa Wehofer-Smallwood, IOTA Admin. Program Director
Financial Disclosure: N/A
Non-Financial Disclosure e.g. Member of; or, No Non-Financial Disclosures: Megan Doyle, IOTA President and AOTA member; Catie Canavan, IOTA and AOTA member; Andrea Belcoe, IOTA OTA Representative and AOTA member; Lisa Wehofer-Smallwood, IOTA Treasurer and AOTA member.

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