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Practice Gems from the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (4th edition)

Amanda Henscheid


Joanne Trammel


Course Length: 1 contact hour (.1 AOTA CEU)
PRIMARY Presentation Category: General and Professional Issues
SECONDARY Presentation Category: Occupation-Based Practice
Intended Audience: Introductory
Short Abstract:

This presentation will include a review of key concepts from the OTPF-4, with an emphasis on sharing how these ideas can be applied in practice. This presentation will incorporate examples of how OTPs have used these concepts to serve their clients. Attendees will participate in a case study application of incorporating OTPF-4 into practice and documentation.

Full Abstract:

This presentation will review key concepts from the OTPF-4, including summarizing significant changes from the OTPF-3. The presentation will emphasize key concepts and ideas (“gems”) that OTPs with a variety of experience and working in a variety of practice settings can apply in their practice to serve their clients, and will include clinical examples. Key concepts that will be shared include: 

  • The inclusion of health management as an occupational category
  • The emphasis on providing services to groups and populations 
  • The cornerstones of occupational therapy practice
  • The variety of intervention types that can be used to support occupation
  • The inclusion of virtual environment as a context

Learners will apply the concepts of the OTPF-4 to a case study and leave the course feeling confident in using this valuable document to better identify occupational therapy’s distinct value in practice. Learners will understand the wide domain that OTP’s have to address areas of occupation and better understand the process to lay out a comprehensive plan to address occupational performance.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe the changes to the OTPF included in the 4 th edition of the document
    2. Describe the occupation of health management and how the OTPF-4 can be used to support addressing this occupation
    3. Identify the cornerstones described in the OTPF-4 to recognize the distinct value of occupational therapy.
Company Affiliated With: Idaho State University
Financial Disclosure: No financial payout made for this presentation
Non-Financial Disclosure e.g. Member of; or, No Non-Financial Disclosures: Both presenters are faculty members of ISU

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