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Occupational Therapy Practitioner’s Guide to Quality DementiaCare

Lisa Baxter Hong


Joanne Trammel


Course Length: 3.0 contact hours (.3 AOTA CEU)
PRIMARY Presentation Category: Geriatrics
SECONDARY Presentation Category:
Intended Audience:
Short Abstract:

This introductory course will provide OT practitioners with the tools to provide quality care to individuals and care partners that have or deal with dementia. Learners will understand the basics of dementia, apply knowledge to interventions, and develop improved confidence documented services when working with those dealing with dementia. The course will include lecture, case study discussion and application.

Full Abstract:

This presentation will provide foundational information about Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Learners will understand the implications of Dementia on the person and the care partner. Case studies will allow learners to develop knowledge in evaluation/assessment, develop interventions that will provide improved quality and bring the distinct value of OT to practice, and increase OT practitioners’ confidence in documenting services.
This presentation will also empower the learner to advocate for increased dementia services in all areas of practice.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Recognize the basics of and know the difference between Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia, the etiology, incidence, and progression.
  2. Identify how ADRD will affect occupation and demonstrate evidence-based approaches to difficult behaviors associated with ADRD.
  3. Discuss strategies in practice through examples of improved documentation and occupation-based interventions.
Educational Value:

This course will prepare the general practitioner to work with those with dementia in order to improve quality of life outcomes and general wellness. This is a growing population with high need for prepared caregivers. Occupational therapy provides the need for meaningful activity.

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