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Idaho State University


Occupational Therapy Program

The mission of the Occupational Therapy Program at Idaho State University is to prepare entry-level clinicians competent to meet the diverse needs of people locally, nationally, and globally by upholding the standards of occupational therapy education. The program is committed to providing high quality student-centered
interdisciplinary education, scholarship, lifelong learning opportunities, and respect for cultural diversity.





The Children’s Therapy & Learning Center


The Children’s Therapy & Learning Center provides therapeutic care for children from birth to 21 years of age. We are an upbeat, positive, and skilled multidisciplinary team of Occupational, Speech, and ABA Therapists, as well as, a Nutrition Consultant that are committed to delivering high quality, comprehensive therapeutic care that is personalized, compassionate, and respectful of the children we treat.

(208) 957-6301 



Aspire OT


Aspire OT | We are a continuing education company that celebrates the distinct value of occupational therapy.

The Aspire OT story began when founders, Niccole Rowe and Kimberly Breeden, were both working to develop a chronic pain occupational therapy program. It wasn’t long before realizing that their mutual respect for what each brings to the OTA/OT partnership was just the beginning. As a dynamic duo, they have written two continuing education articles for OT Practice and the AOTA Official Position Statement “Role of Occupational Therapy in Pain Management”.  They also have created numerous occupational therapy continuing education courses in which they have had the privilege to provide across the country. Their latest endeavor is to start a continuing education company dedicated to supporting their mission.


The Idaho Assistive Technology Project


The Idaho Assistive Technology Project provides support for individuals with disabilities and older persons in their personal selection of assistive technology as they live, work, and play in their communities.










Offering a W.A.Y. to H.O.P.E.TM
People come to TheraPeeds for CHANGE. That is what we do. We offer change- for all people- by facilitating the ability of the brain and the mind to grow using the science of neuroplasticity. Our brain and evidenced-based, intensive approach focuses on maximizing cutting-edge therapy. We utilize the science that allows us to change the brain at any age and stage of development, providing intervention to people of all ages. Our process provides care to parents, children, adolescents and adults, resulting in changed brains and lives across the life-span. Learn more by visiting our About Us page.

(800) 899-8832

The IOTA is the only organization representing Occupational Therapy Practitioners in the state of Idaho and we are so excited to now be offering companies the opportunity to be Corporate Sponsors

Benefits of Becoming a Corporate Sponsor :

  • The ability to connect with all OT practitioners and students throughout our state
  • Ongoing advertising and marketing on the IOTA website
  • Advertising and exhibitor booth at IOTA annual conference
  • Advertising on our Facebook and Instagram Pages
  • Support of IOTA membership and their professional growth.