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Call for Abstracts 2016 UOTA Fall Conference – Jul 11, 2016

Jan 1, 2016 | Call to Action, Event

Call for Abstracts

2016 UOTA Fall Conference

Celebrating our Profession:

100 Years of Helping Others to Live Their Lives

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016

Deadline for Submission:  June 20th, 2016 extended to July 25th, 2016

Abstract Submissions: 

  • We encourage papers, panels, and posters that will advance the profession and practice of occupational therapy, especially in Utah. Professional partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations are welcome.
  • Submit abstract cover sheet, an abstract, reference list (3-5 references are recommended), and learning objectives.
  • Abstracts must be 350 words or less, with no in-text citations. Abstracts should describe what you would be presenting or what attendees will be learning in your presentation. Word count excludes reference list and learning objectives.

Submit abstracts to:  Loriann Helgeson Email lhelgeson@rmuohp.edu ,  if you do not receive confirmation of your submission within 3 business days, please inquire if it was received.

Formats:  On the day of the conference, all presenters (regardless of presentation format chosen below) need to share with the conference attendees a stated purpose for their presentation and share the learning objectives of their presentation in order to meet guidelines as a quality continuing education offering.  

  • Papers: 45 minutes in length and 15 minutes for discussion and transition.
  • Workshops: 45 minutes in length and 15 minutes for discussion and transition.
  • Panels: 55 minutes in length and 5 minutes for transition. Panels should include brief papers on a shared topic. Each paper to be submitted should have a separate abstract and separate learning objectives. The panel moderator should collect the paper abstracts and learning objectives for each, fill out one cover sheet for the panel, and submit all abstracts and learning objectives as one submission.
  • Posters: 1 hour in length during poster session. Presenters should be available during designated poster session time. Students are encouraged to submit their course projects.

Criteria for Abstracts:

All abstracts will be reviewed through a blind review process, using the following criteria:

  • Coherence (weight of 2): degree to which the abstract clearly describes the intent of the presentation
  • Importance to occupational therapy (weight of 2): degree to which the presentation promotes professionalism or contributes to the knowledge base of occupational therapy practice, including theory and research
  • Discussion potential (weight of 1): degree to which the presentation is likely to evoke active discussion
  • Rating Criteria: 1 = unresponsive to the criteria; 5 = excellent/clearly addresses criteria

2016 UOTA Call for Presentations