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IOTA Board Nominations

The IOTA has a plethora of opportunities for members to get involved and to serve our profession. We are looking for passionate OT’s and OTA’s to serve on the Executive Board in a variety of positions to lead and advocate for all OT Practitioners throughout Idaho, as well as to promote best practice for those who receive OT services in our state. Please note, you MUST be a current IOTA Member in good standing to be nominated for Secretary, OTA Representative, or one of the District Representative positions, and you must be both an IOTA Member AND AOTA Member to be nominated for President-Elect.

If you want to make a difference, believe in what you do, are passionate about your profession, and interested in serving, The IOTA strongly encourages YOU and all members to submit nominations for the following open positions, with descriptions of responsibilities/duties and terms as follows:

(click on a board position to read details)

SECRETARY 2-Year Term Fall 2023-2025

  1. Shall be responsible for the minutes of the meetings of the Association.
  2. Shall track the motions and charges of said meetings for continuity and follow-up actions.
  3. Shall serve on the Executive Board.
  4. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board.
  5. Shall send to the President, Secretary and Executive Director of AOTA a complete roster of current IOTA Officers.
  6. Should the office of President and Vice President become vacant at the same time, the Secretary shall act as pro-tem until a special election can be held.
  7. Shall collect agenda items from the president and executive director and notify membership of items of discussion for upcoming meetings.
  8. May also be asked to assist with additional duties, such as posting on IOTA social media accounts, or assisting with coordination of the job advertisement program, as deemed by the Association.

OTA REPRESENTATIVE 2-Year Term Fall 2023-2025

  1. Shall represent the interests of OTA membership to the Executive Board
    Will encourage OTA participation within the organization.
  2. Shall be a member of the nominating committee and finance committee.
  3. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board.
  4. Shall participate in all IOTA meetings and promote the Association in all manner requested.

PRESIDENT ELECT 2-Year Term (via updated By-Laws pending) Fall 2023-2025

  1. Shall attend the annual ASAP (Affiliation of State Association Presidents) training for the office of President.
  2. Shall shadow the President to become familiar with IOTA standard operating procedures, legislative issues, and education and awareness programs and provide counsel as needed.
  3. In conjunction with the President, shall prioritize, initiate and oversee the Strategic Plan in an effort to ensure a smooth transition process.
  4. Shall gain background information about IOTA, its members and issues by attending all meetings, promoting IOTA, and identifying and grooming future leaders.
  5. Shall be a member of the Nominations Committee and Continuing Education Committee.
    Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board.


  1. Shall work under and with the IOTA Outreach Chairperson as part of the Outreach Committee.
  2. Shall develop relationships and become a liaison for practitioners and interested parties in your District.
  3. Shall organize and promote activities in your District that generate interest in occupational therapy within and outside the OT practitioner community
  4. Shall organize a goal of three Outreach opportunities per year for your District to facilitate networking and further promote OT awareness.
  5. Shall be a voting member of the Executive Board.