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AOTA Spring Representative Assembly Meeting Follow Up

May 6, 2024 | Advocacy, Call to Action, Meeting

AOTA Spring Representative Assembly Meeting Follow Up
By Catie Canavan, OTD, MS, OTR/L
Idaho AOTA Representative Assembly Delegate

  • The spring RA meeting began with a presentation from AOTA regarding membership and financials for the organization. Please remind your colleagues of the benefits of professional membership for personal and professional reasons. Some of the key benefits I enjoy from my AOTA membership include:
    • Access to AJOT and OT Practice
    • The CommunOT Forum for questions and to remain up to date on new materials
    • Fieldwork Educator resources!
    • Courses and webinars at free and reduced costs due to my membership
    • AOTA micro credentials, professional certifications, and board certifications
    • The Everyday Evidence Podcast

Beyond the benefits I personally enjoy, I would like to remind you that AOTA is one of the professional organizations that monitors political and legislative issues that will affect our profession and advocates for the benefit of all occupational therapy practitioners. If you are not already an AOTA member please consider joining and share this information with a colleague who may not be a member.

  • At the meeting we had 11 Motions and 1 Request for Action to Consider
    • Motions that Passed include:
      • Approve Societal Statement on Reproductive Health
      • Adopt Official Document on Physical Agent, Mechanical, and Instrumental-Assisted Modalities
      • Approve Official Document on Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
      • Incorporate Language re: Family, Family Occupations and Family-Centered Practice in Revisions to OTPF-4
      • Consideration of Family, Family Occupations and Family-Centered Practice as a Strategic Priority Area
      • Adopt Recommendations in the Task Force Report on Competency-Based Education (These recommendations include exploring how competency based-education will include OT education.)
      • Refer the Philosophical Base of Occupational Therapy to the Commission on Education for review and revision.
      • Approve revisions to the Commission on Continuing Competency and Professional Development SOP
    • Motions that Failed include:
      • Incorporate Langue re: Family, Family Occupations and Family-Centered Practice in AOTA’s Official Documents (This failed as it is felt that it was already addressed in the motions that passed above)
      • Develop a Professional Policy on the Occupational Impact of Being BIPOC (It is felt that professional documents already address this)
      • Develop a Position Statement Defining the Role of OTP in Gender Affirming Care (It is felt that professional documents already support our role)
    • Request for Action that Failed:
      • Adopt one-entry degree pathway for OT and OTA practitioners (This likely failed due to the actual wording of the request. I expect it to be reworded and to come up as a topic of conversation again at a future meeting.

If you are interested in watching the meeting, it can be found here. As always, I think you for your support of AOTA. If you would like to contact me to discussion RA meetings and the role of the RA I would be happy to chat with you.
You can contact me at IDRep@ra.aota.org or catherinecanavan@isu.edu.